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Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Level Instruction in Classical Ballet

A simple, repetitive, methodical approach to classical ballet

Alan Hineline brings over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience to his role as a dance educator. Hineline's teaching style has been informed through his studies with David Howard and Milton Myers and further honed through his close work with the legendary Marcia Dale Weary


As a faculty member of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Hineline emphasizes a simple, repetitive, methodical approach that develops classical ballet technique as a means to artistic expressiveness. 

Hineline is a member of the permanent guest faculty at Ballet Academy East and travels regularly throughout the United States and abroad to teach students and professionals alike.



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Choreographic Workshops

Introductory workshops in Choreographic Composition for Students

Helping young artists ignite their choreographic voices

The exploration of compositional structure and movement generation are the primary focus of these workshops. Workshops begin with an academic analysis of basic form and progress into a creative period of movement exploration/manipulation and choreographic development.

The goal of the workshops is for students to gain insight into the intellectual and creative process of choreography while discovering their own artistic voice.

Annual workshops are part of the educational programs at both Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and Ballet Academy East.